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Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange and Refund Policy:

Please review carefully the order/product for accuracy and the item you are ordering before you submit the order form and after you receive an email with your order details. If you want to make any changes, you must notify within 24 hours after placing your order. Items ordered cannot be exchanged or refunded, unless we make an error in printing or shipping (as explained below).

Printing/shipping Errors: If it is our error in printing what was submitted online by you (with regards to any printing errors) or error in shipment of wrong product, we will gladly correct the errors and reprint/reship the item at no charge.

However, if we print and ship the item you ordered and/or exactly the way you ordered/submitted it online and it is not something you wanted (then it is not our error), and we are not liable for any such errors.
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Though orders can be placed online anytime of the day, our order processing timings are limited to regular business hours ie. Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm only (closed weekends). Orders placed after Friday afternoon, during weekends and holidays, are usually processed on next working/business day. Please review the process and turnaround time estimates in the following pagragraphs.

The online order confirmation number and the email you receive when you enter the order online during/after checkout, IS NOT the approval/confirmation that your order has been processed. Your online order will be processed later (usually at the end of the day or next day) but first YOU WILL BE EMAILED AN INVOICE VIA PAYPAL which needs to be paid and the order processing will start only after the invoice has been paid.

Please note that all orders/payments are contingent upon approval, including credit card approval and confirmation, due to online fraud and security issues. We may decline any online order for any reason and/or we may require a payment by check/money order in some cases. ORDERS MAY NOT BE APPROVED or DECLINED if the credit card information entered does not match the customer's name, shipping address and telephone provided in the order. We reserve the right to accept or cancel any orders, including but not limited to, orders which do not have matching name, billing and shipping addresses as on the credit card and/or if they do not match all of credit card holder information as on the credit card.
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How long have you been in business? has been online since 2003!
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How can I check the status of my order?

PLEASE READ - MOST orders require a minimum of 6-8 business days for processing and/or layout. Hence, order status WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE or can be provided at leaset before 5 days from the payment processing date (not order placement date). If your order was placed before 6 days , then please go to and on the top and on the side bar you will see links for "CHECK STATUS" - click on that link and fill in the form. Phone calls and email sent directly inquiring about the order status (without filling the form as explained above) will not be answered - YOU MUST FILL IN THE order status form. PLEASE ALLOW at least 24 hours for a response.
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How much are the SHIPPING CHARGES?

FREE Ground Shipping for order total over $150/item and ONE free shipping per order in case of multiple items, unless each item/order is over $150. CONDITIONS: 1) You must select standard ground shipping option during online checkout and the order total must be over $150 after any discounts are applied. 2) Offer is valid ONLY FOR Ground Shipping and not valid for any other type of shipping. Offer is NOT VALID if you change the shipping method later, change the shipping address or if the order total changes later for any adjustments such as quantity or product cancellation.

Please note that the order totals you see in the checkout page does not include shipping. Shipping charges for all orders are in addition to the prices that you see on product page and are added to the order total later, based the type of shipping and weight, etc., but all shipping charges are nominal prices based on what the shippers charge us or based on rough estimates (no markups).

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How long will it take for me to receive the shipment?

Usually, 6-8 business days are required for product layout, processing and printing under normal circumstatnces and assuming all information, artwork (if any), etc., is in the system. This is just an estimate under normal circumstances and it could be more or less in some cases. Additionally, in some cases if the item is out of stock it may take a bit longer until the stock is received. From the time the package leaves the plant, it may take anywhere from 5-7 business days for UPS ground shipping but that is upto UPS and this may change/delay depending upon weather and holidays. We are not responsible for any delays related to UPS or any delays related to order that is on hold for reasons such as proper information, artwork, payment, address verification, etc.,
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